Google has announced the change of storage space policy of Google Workspace for Education. Google will no longer provide unlimited storage space for education programs. Instead, the entire domain will share 100TB in total, and this new policy will be effective in July 2022. Google Storage Policy:

Since the current total usage far exceeds the 100TB provided by Google, the problem of full space may cause new emails and files unable to access. Therefore, our Google Workspace storage policy has adjusted as below.

The storage limit of each account:

  • Students: 2.5GB
  • On-the-job faculty: 25GB, not on-the-job faculty: 2.5GB
  • Starting from May 1st, 2022, we will suspend those accounts which exceed the storage limit. Once suspended, you may apply for re-activation by email to within 1 month. After June 1st, 2022, those accounts which exceed space quota will be deleted.

    Here are some useful tips to reduce the storage space.

    Do not use account as the major storage google account, especially photos and drives.

    Please take the initiative to delete unnecessary files, including mail, albums and cloud drives to save space.

  • Use to confirm the space you have used.
  • Use to delete huge or useless files in “My Drive”.
  • Use to transfer your files to another Google account.
  • Use to export your files.
  • Use other Google verified 3rd party API to download data

  • Google Meet Service Update Reminder

  • The maximum participants of a meeting is 100 persons. If there are more than 100 persons, please use Webex (contact dept. office for account) or Microsoft Teams (apply an account at
  • Since Jan. 10th, 2022, Google Meet no longer provide the recording service. If you have the need, please use Webex or Microsoft Teams instead, or use the Windows 10 built-in screen recording function.

  • Google Shared Drive Service Update Reminder

  • “Shared Drives” service is not provided.

  • This service is provided by Google with no charge. If there is any policy change or information update in the future, we’ll need to adjust again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.s