CCU Alumni Email Service

Welcome to our system!

To provide our alumni, students and faculty an excellent online collaboration environment, we adopt Google Workspace service. Welcome to apply now!


This system only provide users the channel to apply Google Workspace accounts. All data are stored and maintained by Google, Inc. Legitimate use, personal privacy and backup of data are not guaranteed.

And please do not infringe on the intelligence property.

Google Workspace no longer provides unlimited storage space. Individual space quota is announced here. Starting June 1st, 2022, those accounts which exceed space quota will be deleted. Please backup and remove those data asap.

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CCU Alumni Email Service

申請完後,系統會立刻寄發密碼通知信函到備用信箱,請依照信函中的說明來登入或新增帳號到 Google。

After the application process completes, system will immediately send an email to your spare emailbox, please follow the instructions to login or add account to Google.